Signature Beef Noodles RTC 頂級牛肉麵


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Description: Authentic Taiwanese beef soup, rich in flavors, slightly spicy, with tender beef chunks with fresh petchay, chopped scallions and granish with cilantro.

Content: 450g

- Soup Pack x1

- White Noodles x1

- Hot Oil x1

Shell Life: 6 months

Storage: Keep Frozen

Cooking Procedure:

  • Cooking Noodles
    1. Prepare a pot of boiling water 準備一鍋沸熱
    2. Add noodles and 1tbsp cooking oil and boil for a minute 加入一匙油及麵條沸煮一分鐘左右.
    3. Use a fork or chopstick to loosen and continue to boil 5 min用筷子,稍微搖一下讓麵條鬆開.繼續沸煮5分鐘
    4. Strain off water and move to your serving bowl 煮熟後起鍋,放入碗中備用.
  • Heating Soup
    1. Prepare a soup pan with 1/2cup water, switch on medium heat. 準備一個湯鍋,倒入半杯水,開中火加熱.
    2. Pour the soup pack and stir to prevent the pan to burn on the bottom  倒入湯包熱至湯滾,稍微攪拌,避免鍋底燒焦.
    3. Add Pechay and boil for a min.  加入青菜,燙一下.
    4. Transfer the soup with the noodles 湯滾後倒入碗裡
    5. Garnish with chopped scallions or cilantro and top with kiamchay (salted vegtable) 加一點香菜或蔥花上色 還有上點榨菜提味.
    6. Enjoy請享用!